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In Response to Snyder’s new Emergency Manager Law:

With their endless supply of “r” funds they just want to keep us running in place and burning through our cash and energy…..each time we win they have plans in place to immediately brush it aside……..we must still remain relentless and even more creative than ever in our fight. 

The lawless bullying of this ignorant (most haven’t even read what they’ve signed) group has created a culture completely at odds with democratic principles and ideals. This is true no matter what political party one belongs to. They are frauds passing themselves off as our representatives and lawmakers. They do not even attempt to hide their contempt for the working class citizens and women of Michigan. 

The way to fight this attack on workers is to stay informed. Read. Show up when you are needed. Educate friends, family and neighbors about what’s really happening to their pensions, work place safety rules, Union representation, pay rates, homestead property tax decreases, the weakening and elimination of worker compensation benefits, and most important, the constant manipulation of voting districts to prevent the election of candidates of our own choosing. We must therefore each do what we can because the alternative is the dismantling (stripping) of assets from cities, towns and school districts rendering them unable to ever recover and generate the revenue needed to survive as well as the permanent reduction of workers wages, benefits, pensions and safety protections….and no, I am not just referring to Union jobs—I’m talking across the board. Just how many low paying, part time jobs can one person work ,without benefits, and survive? Do we want this to be the norm? Sadly, this is already reality for way too many, not to mention the numbers of people who can no longer sustain themselves. 

A homeless woman I often speak with when passing the area of Howard and the Lodge told me first she got laid off from her job, then lost her apartment after unemployment ran out she began battling depression and substance abuse while living in her car. 

She never thought years ago this would become her life.
We no longer have the programs in place to help her or others create change in their lives and if we do not stay vigilant about restoring democracy in our state, many of us will eventually face similar fates. 

I am praying and working towards change for the better in this coming year and I know together we can make a meaningful difference. 

Hugs! God Bless!